Monique Veloz

Artist - Los Angeles

Healing through Art
Paint and canvas are my therapist

Quote of The Day

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

- Pablo Picasso

Monique Veloz

Monique Veloz



I am a 4th generation Mexican-American and Serrano Indian. My creative roots stem from my Grandmother and Aunt Eileen who allowed me to participate in whatever creative projects they were doing. 

I have lived in Southern California my entire life. My inspiration to create, comes from life, love making, heartbreak, traumas, and my ancestral roots. Good baby making music (90’s R&B/Soul, Neo-Soul and Oldies) helps the paint to flow on the canvas. 

A special thank you to my cousins for allowing me to play art teacher in my bedroom and my Grandmother for allowing me to live after I ruined the carpet and many bedspreads.